The Meaning behind "Sixth Sense'

The Meaning behind "Sixth Sense'

Sixth Sense

I figured I would start blogging about what each piece means to me and why I created it. Most of my pieces don't necessarily have a meaning but maybe they do and I just don't realize it. 

Meaning of "Sixth Sense"

I have always been in love with the supernatural and paranormal. Although it can be scary, especially due to my nyctophobia, I have always been drawn to it. 

Throughout my life, I have had a few strange encounters that had no real explanation. 

In my last apartment, I had quite a few things happen to me that I couldn't explain. Nothing to harming or "evil" but items would fly across the room, I saw shadows walk behind me and reflected in my mirror, and also got a scratch on my back and arm that could have not been caused by anything else. 
Once I got cats, I noticed things started getting better. I know ghosts like to feed of of energy and I was at a point in my life where I was full of sadness. Now that I am moved out of my apartment and in a new house, we will see what happens. 

So, after that long spew, "Sixth Sense" is a reflection of how I felt at my apartment. I felt like I was never alone and I just had a feeling that someone or something was there with me. Feeling my pain.

Watch the Live Stream I made of me working on this piece.