The Meaning behind "News"

The Meaning behind "News"


"News" is one of my most popular pieces. But most of you wonder what the meaning behind it is. On my product page, it says "I was a sad preteen". Which is the gist of it. But I figured I would give you a deeper look into the meaning. 

I was 12 when I made this. Originally, it was just the woman standing there. There was no background. At the time, I had my first crush on a boy. I wasn't sure if he liked me back and of course my new teen hormones weren't helping. 

Later on, I brought this into my AP Art class in High School and my teacher wanted me to add more to it. So I put charcoal on my hands and smeared it all over the canvas. Then I went in and added some concrete to it as well. 

Maybe I should do more like this.