Meaning behind "Line Lady"

Meaning behind "Line Lady"

Line Lady

This was the first piece I made after I went through a really tough breakup. At the time I didn't really think there was a meaning. But then I asked myself, why lines? Why sections? Why not my usual line style? 

I figured the fragmented like pieces resembled how I was feeling about myself in that time. I was lost about who I was, what I wanted to do, and my feelings were torn between hope that he would come back to me and the feeling that it was over for good. 

For those who are interested in the juicy gossip, it is most likely over for good and I no longer have hope that the relationship will rekindle. Maybe we will be friends in the future, but the future is not what I should focus on. 

Overall, I believe "Line Lady" symbolizes how mentally shattered I was at that point in my life.


Watch the Live Stream of me making this. 🎥

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